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‚ÄčLinda H - 3/9/15

This was the first time I have ever had to use your service. (Not that I remember much from that night) but I want to say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart to the great husband and wife team down at Arizona's in Shakopee for getting me and my car home safely. What you guys are doing is awesome.

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Brandon Z - 1/9/16  

These people are great! Long story short(er), I randomly ended up utilizing Last Call Car Service after what we'll call a "late night". I happened to have been at one of their free pick up locations that night, which was awesome in its own! The driver was super nice and put up with what I'm sure sounded like jiberish coming out of my mouth as I tried to speak directions back to my apartment. The story should have stopped there, but low and behold....I managed to drop my keys in the passenger seat as I was exiting the cab and didn't realize it until he was a block down the road. I called the following Monday and got in touch with an employee. Not only did they track down the driver who drove me home (I didn't know his name), but they were willing to mail me my keys back, which I received! Fantasic overall all experience, even though 3/4 of it was through my own faults.

Sara R - 7/9/13 

Great company with fabulous service! Check em out!  ;)

Michelle H - 11/6/15

Used them a couple times in Stillwater this summer. Awesome service and friendly drivers!

Justin N - 8/31/13

Awesome service. Everyone was really friendly, polite, and very patient with me in my intoxicated stupor  :) Would definitely hire them again.

Bill A - 1/22/14 

All the drivers do a great job!

Jennifer F - 3/5/16

These people are one of the reasons we go to the Doghouse. Knowing we will get home safe and our car with us, at a fraction of Uber prices. Awesome!

Lisa W - 4/25/17

Everything went great Saturday night with the car service. I was the one who dealt with them and checked in once in a while to see if things were running smoothly and of course they were. The staff couldn't have been more friendly, I would not hesitate to recommend the service to others. Our guests were very impressed and appreciated the option of taking the sober cab home. 
Thank you for all you did to help make the special day run smoothly & safe! 

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Bob I - 11/27/14

Best ride home in the twin cities!!! 100% professional courtesy!! Forget cabs.....they get you and your car home!!! No cab company does that!!!

‚ÄčMelanie N - 1/9/16

I was a sober cab for friends and saw last call service offering their services and thought wow...what a great concept and way to keep drinking and driving from happening. The gentlemen I encountered were very professional and as a bartender I can't imagine some of the encounters they have to face. Kudos to them for offering such a fantastic service and whomever thought up the concept. May drinkers alike take into account their actions while drinking and show them the respect they deserve as a service provider!