LAST CALL CAR SERVICE LLC, | 10800 LYNDALE AVE S,  STE 263, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55420 | 612.789.2222

Last Call Car Service is an alternative to traditional cab rides. We are the largest Designated Driver/Sober cab service in Minneapolis and surrounding areas as well as Hudson. Instead of leaving your car at a local bar, party, establishment or event and taking a taxi, Last Call Car Service will drive you home in YOUR own vehicle that evening. 

How does your designated driver service work?

​When you call LCCS for a ride:
The dispatcher will send the closest LCCS driver's to the location you are requesting service at.

Why 2 drivers?

LCCS will drop of 1 driversoff to pick you up at the requested location (bar or restaurant) while the other driver (chase car) will follow you to pick up the driver transporting you and your vehicle to the destination you requested (your home).

Can I be picked up at home and brought somewhere?

YES: If you are at a sponsored bar and you live within 10 miles of the bar, we will come and pick you up and take you there, if you want a ride to a non sponsored bar, standard rates apply. 

Once you are dropped off safely
, the chase car will pick up the driver who ​transported you for the next fare to be given.

How it Works

If you have additional questions, please email them to

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I smoke?
YES: It is your car. If you are in an LCCS driver's car, it is up to them if you can smoke.

Can you drop us off at another bar/restaurant?
NO: LCCS is there to provide a safe ride home for you and your vehicle. Our service is not intended nor should it be confused with a typical taxi service.

​Can I trust LCCS with my vehicle?
YES: LCCS only hires drivers with a clean driving record, valid Insurance is required and criminal history & background checks are done on all of our drivers as well.

Do I need to have current proof of insurance on the vehicle to be driven?
YES: Current proof of insurance will need to be provided to the driver in charge of driving your vehicle before service can be provided.

Can you still call LCCS even if you don't have your car and would like a ride home?
YES: Although we are not a traditional taxi cab service, you may call our dispatch (612-789-2222) and the closest driver to you will be sent to pick you up.

​How do I know when your car arrives at the location I'm waiting at?
Most of LCCS cars are identified with our logo and phone number on the side/top of our vehicles for easy identification when the driver pulls up.
​A lighted car topper with our logo and phone number or a magnet on the car will be visible for identification.The driver will call you when in route & when we arrive at the establishment you are to be picked up at.